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Medicare Is Divided Into Four Parts: Part A, Part B, Part C And Part D.

Original Medicare Consists Of Part A (Hospital Insurance) And Part B (Medical Insurance).

Medicare Part A Covers

  • Hospitalization
  • Skilled Nursing Facility Care
  • Home Health Care
  • Hospice Care
  • Blood

Medicare Part B Covers

  • Some Preventive Services To Maintain Your Health.
  • Doctors Services
  • Outpatient Hospital And Emergency Room
  • Home Health Care
  • Durable Medical Equipments
  • Clinical Laboratory
  • Blood

Medicare Part C Covers

  • Health Coverage Plan Approved By Medicare Given By Private Insurance Companies.
  • Includes Part A And Part B And Also Other Services Like Part D.

Medicare Part D Covers

  • Prescription Drug Coverage Approved By Medicare Given By Private Insurance Companies.
  • The Cost Of Prescription Drugs.
  • Lowers Your Prescription Drug Cost By Sharing The Cost.

Medicare Part A Is Free Mostly To All People Without Premium. The Payment Schedules Are Usually Decided By Medicare. The Organization Providing Health Care Is Not Permitted To Charge More Than The Approved Amount By Medicare. Some People Have Part A And Some Have Both Part A And Part B. Original Medicare Covers Most Of The Services But Not All. You Can Buy Medigaps Policy To Fill The Gaps In Original Medicare.

You Can Join Medicare Prescription Coverage To Cover The Cost Of Prescription Drugs.

You Pay For Copayments, Coinsurance And Deductibles Which May Apply On Each Of The Above Services

If You Are Covered By Medicare Advantage Plan Like A Hmo Or Ppo Or Supplement Insurance (Medigap Policy), The Cost May Differ.

Initial Enrollment Period

You Can Avail The Enrollment For Part B Anytime In Seven Month Period. This Seven Month Period Starts Three Months Before You Are 65 And Ends Three Months After The Month You Complete 65 Years Of Age.